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Committed to builing trust through the advancements of technology, AI and automation.

Safeguarding Data and 
Championing Trust Through Ethical and Responsible Use of AI.

Trust is the currency of healthcare. Without trust, patient rights are vulnerable, healthcare innovations flounder, and tools for care providers and patients remain limited. That is why trust serves as the foundation for everything we do at TriMetis Life Sciences, and fortunately, we are not alone.

When Marc Benioff and Parker Harris founded Salesforce in 1999, they recognized that trust would be an essential part of the innovations they would pioneer, thus making it a core value of their company. This guiding principle shaped Salesforce’s revolutionary work in software-as-a-service (SaaS), customer relationship management (CRM), and cloud computing.

Nearly 25 years later, trust remains foundational to Salesforce’s approach, as it spearheads advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) such as Einstein GPT's predictive and generative capabilities. Trust paves the way for the ethical and responsible adoption of AI for Salesforce and its clients. Being the most trustworthy provider has enabled Salesforce to become the world’s #1 AI CRM, processing over 1 trillion weekly predictions. With the newly launched AI Cloud and Einstein GPT, Salesforce is leading enterprise AI to drive transformation, while maintaining security and regulatory compliance. 

As one of the founders of TriMetis Life Sciences, my partners and I have over 25 years of combined experience supporting pharmaceutical and diagnostic R&D. Like Salesforce, we have also prioritized trust as a core value ensuring the protection of both recipients and providers.

Trust is integral to everything we do. We introduced TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP), which uses AI to map and characterize biospecimens beyond the current standard because we wanted to provide pathology metrics you can trust. The ARCH Ecosystem was formed to provide accurate AI-based quality control analyses, seamless digital image asset management, and a comprehensive biomaterial inventory system. Under the ARCH Ecosystem, we created the ARCH Marketplace, where biospecimens can be sourced with transparency and researchers can see what’s in the tissues using TCAP AI on H&E images they can trust. We built ARCH LabFlow, which enables researchers to assess their biospecimens using TCAP AI, and automate their laboratory workflows. We integrated all of this into, allowing TriMetis to service any client of any size with trusted tools for data, analytics, communications, and process automation on a platform that’s globally scalable and trusted.

At TriMetis, we ensure that data, images, and specimens are collected with the highest ethical standards, stringency,  patient safety, security, and regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PII, GDPR, and AI).  

By anchoring innovation in trust, our mission is to help pathologists and researchers gain better insights, transforming the basis of knowledge from which we work, and ultimately elevating patient care. We applaud Salesforce for driving ethical technological advancement, and leading innovation with trust so the benefits of AI can be spread responsibly.  


Leif Honda

Written By: Leif Honda