ARCH LabFlow,  Featuring TCAP

ARCH LabFlow accurately analyzes and tracks samples from the scanner through testing, automating your lab-specific quality control metrics and processes.

LabFlow Automation

ARCH LabFlow, featuring TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP), eliminates the hassle of manually managing digital images in systems not built for a digital workflow by automating quality assessment with the skill of a pathologist. With the deployment of TCAP, you're also able to automatically generate tissue quality metrics with the accuracy of a pathologist, at a fraction of the cost of a new hire. This frees up your staff by replacing manual analysis, boosts your lab's productivity, and drives revenue. 


Leverage technology to increase throughput 

The human eye has its limitations when counting objects. Computers however never get tired, and can identify patterns consistently.


  • Set workflows to your desired laboratory design
  • Set your process criteria (minimum's & maximums, pass & fail, ...)
  • Set user/group security
  • Set notifications and data logging
  • Enable access to your image repository (Local, NAS, AWS S3, Microsoft Azure)
  • Build Reports and Dashboards
  • See results...

Workflow Automation

Eliminate bottlenecks with 24x7 processing. In most labs, manual tissue analysis can monopolize staff hours, creating ever-growing backlogs and bottlenecks. ARCH LabFlow changes that by automating digital image management and enabling 24x7x365 batch processing for quality assessment, with the ability to scale up to any throughput. Just add more processing power!

Process Management

Improve the accuracy of your quality metrics. When conducting manual analysis, pathologists estimate, rather than precisely measure, their quality metrics in order to keep up with the volume of specimens. Repetitive visual analysis can lead to fatigue and mistakes. With the help of TCAP, ARCH LabFlow removes these limitations through automation and AI-powered analysis, combining viable tumor with comprehensive nuclei count across the entire slide for more accurate quality metrics than humanly possible.

Drive Revenue

ARCH LabFlow automates the management of your digital H&E images and removes major obstacles in the move to a digital workflow. The integrated TCAP quality control system also handles tissue validation for the whole lab, at a fraction of the cost of a new hire—eliminating bottlenecks, raising throughput, and optimizing staff hours. That saves time, saves money, and frees up your pathologists to focus on tasks more befitting their paygrade.

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