Implementations & Services

Deployments and integrations for our technologies.

Tailoring Our Technologies To Your Organization 

Our products can be deployed and integrated in various ways—making it possible for us to fit cleanly into your current processes. We can help you automate and track quality control metrics and workflow from scanner to approval, without human intervention. Learn more about your options below.




Custom Implementations | TCAP

 TCAP can be deployed in multiple ways to meet your technology requirements, in dedicated or shared cloud environments or connected to your Amazon Cloud or Microsoft Azure environments.

Benefits include:

  • A self-service deployment model and implementation of the TCAP services without significant investment
  • Ability to utilize TCAP apps while addressing any process improvements needed for a hybrid or on-site deployment
  • Ability to define your own parameters for quality control
  • Ability to synchronize internal image repository to ARCH Marketplace

When accessing TCAP through ARCH Marketplace, you’re also able to upload specimen images, review images, and run TCAP apps. This allows you to quality check images, view reports, and download TCAP images and data to your repositories. (Storage and maintenance fees may apply.)

Integration Services | ARCH Marketplace

ARCH Marketplace is able to synchronize with your internal image repository, enabling direct integration from imaging solutions. The fully automated process allows you to focus on important tasks instead of spending time uploading and downloading large image files. (Costs and timing are dependent on the client repository.)



See How Else We Can Help

Our technologies have many applications. Let’s take a look at how they might serve your specific role or organization.