It Starts With A Biospecimen

A research specimen, a clinical trial specimen, or a clinical specimen, all have one thing in common. 

If you don't know what's in it, it's useless.

TriMetis Computer-assisted Pathology (TCAP)


TCAP uses Artificial Intelligence to rapidly and accurately analyze digital slide images capturing quantitative and qualitative data on spatial features that are difficult for the human eye and brain to quantify. 

Tumor Purity: % Tumor versus % Necrosis, Nuclei count, and Tumor Density, calculated in minutes. 

Available via both ARCH Marketplace and ARCH LabFlow, TCAP tissue quality control, eliminates bottlenecks to save time and money. By replacing tedious manual analysis, TCAP automatically generates tissue quality metrics—boosting productivity, driving revenue, and freeing up staff to focus on the tasks that matter most. 

A new standard of Quality

Introducing TCAP
Available in both ARCH Marketplace and ARCH LabFlow, TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP) is an Ai-based software that automates your biorepository and lab’s quality control processes rapidly and accurately, saving time and money while driving revenue and boosting productivity.
ARCH Marketplace
ARCH Marketplace is a highly searchable biospecimen marketplace that connects buyers with suppliers worldwide, online. Simplify the procurement process by easily searching H&E images as well as quality-controlled images assessed with TCAP Ai.
ARCH LabFlow Automation
This cloud-based software automates laboratory workflow management with tissue quality analysis. With the help of TCAP, our Ai quality control system, it rapidly and accurately captures comprehensive data and automatically moves the process along in your laboratory workflow.
Who We Help
See the different groups we’re able to support, including pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and life science R&D; pathology groups; molecular profiling and genomic testing companies; human research tissue procurement brokers; biobanks; and more.

Who We Are

TriMetis is a life sciences technology company driven to improve patient outcomes by accelerating human tissue-based research, development, and testing through cloud-based technologies, quality standards, and artificial intelligence. 

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