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Digital Pathology AI Authoring & Syndication Tools

Interested in Authoring Your Own Digital Pathology AI Application?

Whether you want to author your own or have already Authored your own Digital Pathology AI Application TriMetis is here to help.

TriMetis supports those interested in authoring, or who have already authored digital pathology AI by verifying your digital pathology AI, as well as providing images for training, testing, and comparison, so you can expedite development. 

Once developed, TriMetis can syndicate your AIs. Whether you want to share them internally with a limited group, or generate revenue from them to a broader audience, TriMetis and its cloud-based system can support you from concept to distribution.



Visiopharm Oncotopix® Discovery

Author your own AI.
TriMetis is a Visiopharm Partner. We support AI's built on the Visiopharm Oncotopix® Discovery.
  • Deep learning for all
  • See it, Train it, Find it
  • Pre-trained knowledge
  • Best-in-class platform
  • 20 years of tissue expertise

Syndicating Your AI

Get people using your AI's.

Start sharing your AI's with validated collaborators via ARCH.
  • TriMetis will load your AI into ARCH
  • Configure Viewer
  • Share to those only with designated access
  • Record AI performance
  • Once verified, option to expand access to internal or external users
  • Manage sales transactions and commissions

Other AI Authoring Tools

Built your AI on another platform or proprietary AI?
Build your AI on Aiforia, Indica Labs, or Deciphex and we can work with that.

Contact us to discuss how to leverage the ARCH system to deploy your AI.





Digital Pathology AI Validation Services

Want to Validate Your Digital Pathology AI?

TriMetis supports Research and Development teams with services to validate Digital Pathology AI. 

Verifying a biomarker or validating a diagnostic is no easy task. It takes access to biospecimens and medical doctors. This is why it takes years to develop a new diagnostic, companion or otherwise. 

Easier said, than done, you say.  TriMetis' ARCH Ecosystem expedites and automates the process of sending biospecimens and receiving the results from the medical doctors. 

We handle the cohorts, ethical consents, sample preparation, logistics, images, liaising with the medical doctors, data collection, and statistics.

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