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Unlock the full potential of the ARCH Ecosystem by TriMetis Life Sciences. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, and automation, our groundbreaking ecosystem revolutionizes pathology, histopathology, and cancer research workflows. Bid farewell to tedious manual processes as the ARCH Ecosystem offers accurate AI-based quality control analyses, seamless digital image asset management, and a comprehensive biomaterial inventory system. This transformative ecosystem empowers medical research, boosts productivity, and enhances patient outcomes.

Current ARCH Ecosystem Products:

  • TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP): Experience on-demand quality analysis of H&E images with our advanced TCAP solution.
  • ARCH Marketplace: Discover a platform where you can conveniently buy and sell biospecimens and images, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • ARCH LabFlow: Automate your digital image workflow and processes, simplifying research tasks and enabling efficient data management



TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP)

TCAP, is a cutting-edge solution available through the ARCH Marketplace and ARCH LabFlow systems. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), TCAP automates the analysis of H&E images, saving time, effort, and costs. With superior accuracy and minimal technician involvement, TCAP Ai provides actionable qualitative and quantitative data, ensuring confidence in biospecimen sufficiency.

  • TCAP AI combines a color heatmap and spatial data to identify regions with the highest tumor and DNA concentration. It identifies and counts tumor nuclei, and measures surface area, % tumor, and % necrosis. The color heatmap visually represents tumor nuclei density and location.
  • It is ideal for screening tissue for Immunohistochemistry, confirming DNA sufficiency for Genomic Profiling, and identifying areas with high tumor density for Tissue Microarray Arrays.

ARCH Marketplace

ARCH Marketplace: Revolutionizing Biospecimen Acquisition and Analysis with TCAP. Are you ready to unlock the full potential of biospecimen acquisition and analysis? Look no further than the groundbreaking ARCH Marketplace by TriMetis Life Sciences. Combining the power of AI-driven quality control analysis and a user-friendly platform, ARCH Marketplace offers unmatched insights and convenience for researchers and laboratories. Here's what you can expect:

  • Effortless Listing and Organization: Easily list and organize samples and images, streamlining research.
  • Centralized Management: Manage all activities in one location, from discussions, quotes and contracts, to payment and shipping.
  • Streamlined Digital Workflow: Automate digital image management, facilitating the transition to a digital process.
  • Seamless Quality Checking with TCAP: Automate quality control for accurate and reliable analysis.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Track and evaluate research progress through extensive reporting.
  • Cost Savings and Research Advancement: Save resources and contribute to scientific research.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Tailor ARCH Marketplace to meet your unique research needs.




ARCH LabFlow

ARCH LabFlow, featuring TCAP quality control system, is revolutionizing pathology groups and molecular profiling labs. By accurately analyzing and tracking images and cases, ARCH LabFlow streamlines the testing process, ensuring unparalleled precision and efficiency. Say goodbye to manual image management and embrace a digital workflow designed for efficiency. TCAP Ai automates lab-specific quality control metrics, saving you time and resources. Boost productivity and facilitate lab growth with automated tissue quality metrics at a fraction of the cost of hiring new staff. Accessible via the cloud, ARCH LabFlow seamlessly integrates with your Image Repository for complete automation. Stay in control with the LabFlow portal and image viewer, where you can review images, track pass/fail criteria, and access results data. Experience the future of lab management with ARCH LabFlow.

TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP)

TCAP, available via ARCH Marketplace and ARCH LabFlow systems, utilizes artificial intelligence to automate the analysis of H&E images eliminating additional time, effort, and cost. More accurate than a pathologist with less technician handling, TCAP Ai provides actionable qualitative and quantitative data, removing any doubt about the sufficiency of a biospecimen.  

  • TCAP Ai identifies and counts tumor nuclei, while measuring surface area, % tumor, and % necrosis.  
  • A Color Heatmap visually depicts the density and location of tumor nuclei. 
  • TCAP Ai combines the nuclei count, heatmap and spatial data to identify areas in the tissue with the highest concentration of tumor and DNA. It is perfect for screening tissue for Immunohistochemistry, confirming sufficient DNA for Genomic Profiling, or identifying areas with high tumor density for Tissue Microarray Arrays.  

TCAP Ai Use Case

Set ARCH Marketplace or LabFlow to conduct TCAP Ai analyses. Based on preset rules on the spatial data and nuclei count generated, TriMetis’ ARCH systems will automatically determine if the tissue meets your research need or has suitable DNA content for downstream molecular testing.  

  • If enough tumor nuclei, then scrape the entire slide. 
  • If enough tumor nuclei within a regionally specific area, then microdissection. 
  • If not enough tumor nuclei, then fail. 

Depending on your assay requirements, we can also build and deploy additional 3rd Party Ai Apps in the ARCH systems, such as contaminate identification and adipose cells. 

TCAP Ai Enables Robotic Automation

With the data available from the TCAP Ai, TriMetis is currently designing two robots for picking tissues based on the TCAP Ai heatmap analyses. 

Printing - Utilizing the TCAP Ai results, the printer adjusts to each unstained slide and prints an outlined area with the most tumor nuclei onto the back of the slide(s).  

Coring - Utilizing TCAP Ai results, FFPE blocks are conveyed and cored based on the hotspots where tumor nuclei density satisfies the selection rules for downstream testing. The result is fully automated coring of FFPE blocks into dissociation tubes of your choice. 

The addition of one of these robots removes handling steps and manual work to allow your laboratory to scale and focus on the high value clinical care and revenue generating activities. 

ARCH Marketplace, Featuring TCAP

Unique to TriMetis Life Sciences, we’ve combined Ai Quality Control Analysis with Biospecimen Acquisition in an easy to access MARKETPLACE that delivers unparalleled information on biospecimens. 
Image Ai Analysis:  Upload and image of your tissue, Analyze with TCAP Ai, and get results that provide unparalleled utility and knowledge about your biospecimens.
Biospecimens: Accessing biospecimens can make or break medical discovery and innovation. ARCH Marketplace is designed to bring researchers, procurement specialists, and suppliers all together in a single site that’s highly searchable and functionally robust.
Supplier: The ARCH Marketplace will help drive your sales by providing the tools to transact: one tissue, multiple images, and additional histopathology services, all can be managed. Leave the Marketing, Accounting, and Data Integration to us. With ARCH Marketplace, we’ll get your biospecimen business online and selling in no time.
Biobank: Looking to generate more reimbursement from your banked samples? Upload your biobank inventory and images into ARCH Marketplace and allow researchers from around the world to access biospecimens and/or images from you. By using TCAP within the ARCH Marketplace, you’re also able to increase the value of your specimens by assuring their quality. All transactions are handled 100% online ethically, legally, securely, and immediately.
Private Biobanking: Have a large inventory but not looking to sell? You can also use ARCH Marketplace for the management of your in-house inventory of samples. ARCH Marketplace, featuring TCAP works alongside your LIMS, improving the quality control and tracking of your samples.

ARCH Marketplace allows you to

• List and organizes samples and images with ease.
• Manage everything in one place; from initial discussions and quotes to contracts, payments, and shipping.
• Automate the management of digital images, eliminating a major obstacle for labs that would like to move to a digital process.
• Automate quality checking with TCAP.
• Extensive reporting
• Save money and help advance research.
• And more (We built it to be flexible and tailorable)

ARCH LabFlow

ARCH LabFlow, featuring TCAP quality control system, is a great fit for pathology groups and molecular profiling laboratories. ARCH LabFlow accurately analyzes and tracks images and corresponding cases from the scanner to through testing. Automating your lab-specific quality control metrics and processes through ARCH and eliminate the hassle of manually managing digital images in a system built for a digital workflow. With the accuracy of a pathologist, at a fraction of the cost of a new hire, TCAP boosts productivity and facilitates lab growth by automatically generating tissue quality metrics—replacing tedious manual analysis. TriMetis’ ARCH LabFlow is accessible via the cloud, where images can be synchronized directly with the client’s Image Repository for full automation with the ARCH LabFlow TCAP Apps. Via the LabFlow portal and image viewer, where clients can view images and track pass/fail criteria and results data.

Add ARCH LabFlow, featuring TCAP, to your digital pathology strategy and establish a functional technology that establishes a new standard that translates into actionable savings and efficiencies that lead to higher productivity, higher throughput, and ultimately increased revenue.

The LabFlow Offering

We can set up a system where your images are driven directly from a scanner to containers in the cloud. TCAP is then run on those images (in the cloud) determining the percent tumor and necrosis. Additionally, TCAP will deliver a heat map of those images outlining regions of interest. TriMetis’ ARCH LabFlow system, featuring TCAP was developed to automate quality control of specimens freeing high-demand personnel up to focus on high-value activities.

ARCH LabFlow, built on Salesforce

ARCH LabFlow, built on the Salesforce platform is a workflow automation system designed to:
• Manage Locations, Accounts, and Users across your organization
• Set access to image directories including a shared TriMetis managed platform or client-managed AWS S3 or Microsoft Azure platforms
• Establish workflow of images and materials
• Set screening Triage Rules: Which computer-assisted apps to run Min/Max & Pass/Fail
• Review quarantined materials via viewer and share via telepathology web access
• Set notifications, access reports, and auditing.
• HIPAA Compliant and National Security Agency (NSA) Secure

Use Case: Set ARCH LabFlow to conduct TCAP analyses. Based on preset rules on the spatial data and nuclei count generated ARCH LabFlow will automatically determine if the tissue has suitable DNA content for downstream molecular testing.
• If enough tumor nuclei, then scrape the entire slide.
• If enough tumor nuclei are within a regionally specific area, then microdissection.
• If not enough tumor nuclei, then fail.

Depending on your assay requirements, we can also build and deploy additional Ai Apps in ARCH LabFlow such as contaminate identification and adipose cells.

ARCH LabFlow enables molecular testing laboratories to automate their quality control processes, thus reducing:
• Use of high-value, highly trained pathologists for low-level, time-consuming, mundane tasks
• Removes excessive handling of samples by histotechnicians
• Replaces estimation with quantifiable data

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