Jul 11, 2022 2:04:00 PM | TCAP Pre-analytical Quality Control With TCAP Ai

At TriMetis Life Sciences we are able to improve patient outcomes by accelerating human tissue-based research, development, and testing through TriMetis Computer Assisted Pathology (TCAP), our Pre-analytical Ai that has been informed by pathologists to take on issues before they become problems.

Stop issues before they get too far!

Informed by Pathologists

TriMetis Computer Assisted Pathology (TCAP) Pre-analytical Ai takes on issues before they become problems.

Technicians and Pathologists are in low abundance and in high-demand. Checking every slide for folds, marker, stain quality, and other issues can save significant time and money that accumulates downstream. But there is not enough technical personnel to go around. 

Computer analysis can pick-up the workload. TriMetis Pre-Analytical Ai's can detect a problem before it becomes costly.  

Human and Animal slides:

  • Receive a scan from the referring site
  • Check slides before they go to the pathologist/veterinary pathologist
  • Pre-check before diagnostic and molecular profile processing

Trained by Board Certified Pathologists,  TCAP applications to do the dirty work, enabling Pathologists to focus on the most important activities.

Easily deployed, TCAP increases throughput informs decisions of:

  • identify stain issues
  • identify root cause 
  • request re-cut, re-stain or new block
  • identify which cases are ready to test and others that need review
Leif Honda

Written By: Leif Honda