Jan 29, 2024 2:08:34 PM | TCAP TriMetis: Pioneering Trust And Security In Cloud Computing For Healthcare Innovations

Discover how TriMetis built an infrastructure of cutting-edge cloud computing & storage solutions through strategic partnerships to transform healthcare.

Security of Cloud Computing 

At TriMetis Life Sciences, we transcend conventional cloud computing, shaping it into an art form where your data thrives in a secure digital environment. As healthcare innovation pioneers, safeguarding sensitive information is our top priority. Our advanced cloud security protocols surpass industry standards. 
Unparalleled Cloud Security

Our cloud security infrastructure boasts state-of-the-art encryption, multi-layered access controls, continuous monitoring, and data redundancy across geographic regions. Strict adherence to regulatory compliance, including HIPAA, BAA, GDPR, and PHI standards, ensures complete legal protection for your data.
Intuitive and User-Friendly

TriMetis believes in the harmony of usability and safety. Our interface empowers seamless access, management, and collaboration without compromising security. With the ARCH Ecosystem, users are provided complete control over their entire enterprise, allowing management over who has access, and at what level, even featuring field-specificity.  

The ARCH Ecosystem 

This groundbreaking ecosystem seamlessly integrates cloud computing and precision analytics, securely unlocking the potential of digital pathology through automation and AI. The ARCH Ecosystem was created using Salesforce.com, with a focus on best-in-class integration and affordability. With Salesforce Security, you can have confidence that your data is protected.

Secure AI Applications  

Our ARCH Ecosystem, including the ARCH Marketplace and ARCH LabFlow cloud-based software platforms deliver automated quality control applications. These platforms provide researchers, diagnostic and therapeutic developers, pathology and molecular profiling laboratories, and biobanks of any size access to AI applications to suit their specific needs. Our AI solutions adhere to strict security standards, providing unprecedented insights without compromising data integrity.  
Current ARCH Ecosystem Products:  

  • TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP):  On-demand H&E image quality analysis through AI 
  • ARCH Marketplace: Our online global marketplace where you can conveniently buy and sell biospecimens and images. Powered by TCAP AI, the ARCH Marketplace enables you to see the biospecimen and it’s contents before you buy. 
  • ARCH LabFlow: Through the power of AI assessment, Robotics, and Automation, you can simplify your research tasks, automate your digital image workflow and processes, and enable efficient data management.

Customized Implementations 

Tailored solutions meet your unique needs, with an unwavering emphasis on complete security and privacy protection. Our technologies can be deployed in many ways to meet your needs, in dedicated or shared cloud environments or connected to your Amazon Cloud or Microsoft Azure environments. Custom implementations of our technologies can be specified. From synchronization with internal systems to personally defined quality control parameters, your data's security is maintained in your chosen environment.   

Strategic Partnerships 

Partnerships with Salesforce, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Visiopharm, NVIDIA, and Iron Mountain integrate security into every process, from storage and data safeguarding, to running AI securely on your digital images in the cloud. Our commitment to earning and upholding your trust is built into everything we do. 

  • Salesforce – Cloud-Computing and Organizational Management to the Highest Level of Security 
  • Amazon Web Services – Cloud-Hosting and Image Handling 
  • Microsoft Azure – Secure Cloud-Based Digital-Image Repository 
  • Visiopharm – Sample Quality Control, Data Collection, and AI Algorithm Authoring 
  • NVIDIA – High-Performance Cloud-Computing, and AI Processing System 
  • Iron Mountain – Organizational Management and Secure Physical and Digital Storage of Data, Images, Tissues and More

Cloud-Computing Securely With TriMetis 

At TriMetis, we don't merely store data in the cloud; we secure the future. Our fusion of leading-edge solutions and robust security redefines your pathology experience, earning your trust through actions. Explore how TriMetis pioneers excellence in healthcare cloud computing, where innovation and protection go hand-in-hand. 

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Written By: Kaitlynn Clement