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Sample format (FFPE, frozen, serum, plasma, whole blood, etc.):
Tissue type (breast, lung, etc.):
Histopathological diagnosis:
Disease type (malignant, normal adjacent tumor(NAT), true normal):
Disease stage (primary or metastatic):
Quantity of cases:
Number of unique samples per case/patient:
Minimum volume (ml):
Minimum weight (mg):
Collection procedure (surgical resection, biopsy, etc.):
Minimum % tumor:
Maximum % necrosis:
Tumor stage group:
Tumor grade:
Biomarker(s) of interest:
Treatment (treated, naïve, or washout):
Age of sample/collection year:
Country of origin (countries to include or exclude):
Consent Type (Note –HHS Common Rule: Leftover diagnostic samples without PHI do not require consent nor waiver of consent because the activity is not considered to be research involving human subjects.
• No Preference
• Exempt (No PHI)
• IRB Waiver of Consent
• IRB Approved Protocol (patient consented)
Date needed by: Pathology report preferred (Y or N):
Additional datapoints preferred:
Shipping address for receiving biospecimens:

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