Apr 13, 2023 3:43:24 PM | Partnerships New Partnership To Offer Complete Biospecimen Solutions

Combining Forces To Change The Game: TriMetis Life Sciences & Modul-Bio Announce Commercial Partnership

Streamline Your Research With "Samplified" Services

We are excited to announce we’ve joined forces with Modul-Bio to revolutionize biospecimen management and deliver unparalleled access to essential samples and data for pharmaceutical and diagnostic research, and development. 

TriMetis Life Sciences and Modul-Bio have come together in a new commercial partnership that is designed to streamline the entire process from collection and digitization to quality control and distribution of biospecimens.

By combining TriMetis ARCH Ecosystem with Modul-Bio’s comprehensive sample management solution MBioLIMS BioBanking, we’re providing users access to biospecimens with a complete end-to-end biobanking, data management, and fulfillment system. No more multi-year, multi-million-dollar biobanking software implementations requiring customizations that only consultants can implement on systems that are outdated by the time they go live. Launch the most advanced system in a few clicks and start collecting on a system that is globally scalable, and HIPAA and GDPR-compliant.

Combining TriMetis’ digital image management and communications automation, users can implement workflow rules and process builders for every patient case into Modul-Bio’s MBioLIMS BioBanking® software for better management of the entire sample lifecycle. 

From consent and AI (TCAP) quality control to sample inventory and retrieval, the streamlined service offering of TriMetis and Modul-Bio delivers game-changing solutions for collaborators and customers alike.

Enabling easy participation of medical providers adds essential access to real-time clinical care and biospecimens that power the diagnostic and therapeutic developments of tomorrow.

“Every patient sample holds hope for a better tomorrow. Modul-Bio’s biobanking software was a natural fit to TriMetis’ ARCH Ecosystem. Leveraging digital images and AI so you can find and never lose sight of every biospecimen in your biobank.” Said Jon Wetzel, COO of TriMetis Life Sciences.

"We truly believe that high-quality data combined with high-quality biospecimens is the key to better understand diseases, finding new treatments to be able to provide focused precision medicine and quicker diagnostics for the benefit of the patients. Partnering with TriMetis using AI technology applied to image analysis will definitely add highly valuable data to biospecimens with speed and precision.” said Laurent Jacotot, CEO of Modul-Bio.

Written By: Kaitlynn Clement