Aug 4, 2022 1:49:05 PM | TCAP Digital Pathology: How TCAP Powers The Future Of Pathology

Quantitative Analysis, Ai Assessment, and The Future of Pathology: How TCAP is revolutionizing Digital Pathology

The Future of Digital Pathology: How Ai is used in Digital Pathology and how it can help boost your business by increasing accuracy

When it comes to the future of pathology, we're not just talking about digital pathology—we're talking about the future of medicine.

That's because digital pathology is the first step in revolutionizing pathology when it comes to research and development. It is accomplished through quantitative analysis and Ai assessment. Recreating the skills of a pathologist, Ai Assessment and Quantitative Analysis automate the identification of spatial data on the surface area of the sample. This information provides pathologists and labs the foundation for their diagnostic testing and research.

Digital Pathology is all about streamlining and automating digital image analysis. When properly trained and carefully paired with supporting tools, Ai-assisted pathology can drastically improve a lab's workflow.

TriMetis is on a mission to make life easier for pathologists. Years of experience in biospecimen acquisition, software development, preclinical research, clinical trials, and diagnostic development have inspired us to push the envelope.

We've developed TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology, or TCAP for short to automate digital image analysis of H&E slides, check for tumor purity, counts of nuclei, and identify the highest tumor density. Paired with machine learning and trained by pathologists for pathologists, TCAP is built into our other products such as ARCH Marketplace and ARCH LabFlow.

Using TCAP Ai-analysis within ARCH Marketplace or ARCH Labflow allows you to assess images, and set rules that automatically determine if the tissue meets your research needs or has suitable content for downstream molecular testing. This is useful when it comes to ARCH Marketplace, our Amazon-like platform that enables you to buy, sell, or keep track of and manage biobank inventories. Having TCAP allows buyers and suppliers to see qualitative analysis of biospecimens before ordering, saving time and money.

Similarly, ARCH LabFlow, featuring TCAP quality control system, is a great fit for pathology groups and molecular profiling labs. Accessible via the cloud, LabFlow accurately analyzes and tracks images and corresponding cases from the scanner to through testing. Automate your lab-specific quality control metrics and processes through ARCH LabFlow and eliminate the hassle of manually managing digital images in a system built for a digital workflow.

Check out the video below to find out more about how we're making your job easier!

Written By: Kaitlynn Clement