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NGS Tissue Coring Automation

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The partnership between TriMetis Life Sciences and ISENET represents a significant leap forward in pathology research. By combining TriMetis' Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP) AI with ISENET's Galileo TMatic, we're introducing a revolutionary automated tissue coring system for TMA construction and tissue isolation for genomic analyses. This cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for manual identification of regions of interest by pathologists, saving valuable time and resources. TCAP's AI capabilities rapidly identify tumor content based on cellularity, precisely locating areas for coring, while Galileo's automated tissue coring technology extracts tissues with minimal intervention. Together, these technologies streamline the research process, enabling researchers to quickly identify and extract areas with the desired cells for further analysis. This partnership is poised to transform pathology research, ultimately accelerating research and changing healthcare. Contact us to learn more about how we're paving the new path forward in innovation and technological advancement in pathology.

ISENET'S Galileo TMAtic

Automate With Robotics

The Galileo TMAtic Fully Automated Tissue Microarray, ISENET's most cutting-edge automatic tissue punching system, is essential in the research and development of the world's most promising cancer therapeutics. 

  • All-in-One Computer 
  • 6 Block trays
  • 1 Cleaning/Waste Bin
  • 2 punching needle sets
  • Motorized stage & Controller 
  • 8 Mpixel Cmos Jenoptik camera
  • Optics Objective Autofocus
  • Embedded Bar-code reader
  • TMAtic Windows, ISENET User Interface & more

TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology

Ai-Powered Quality Control

TCAP uses Ai to take on the dirty work, freeing pathologists to focus on the most critical aspects of patient care.  

TCAP Will...
  • Analyze & Assess Tissue & Slide Quality
  • Identifies & Counts Tumor Nuclei Count, Nuclei Percentages, Percent Tumor & Necrosis
  • Tumor Concentration Heatmap
  • Review IHC Stain Quality
  • Use TCAP Ai App Indications developed to assess more than different cancer types

TriMetis' ARCH LabFlow

Increase Throughput With Lab Automation

ARCH LabFlow automates your laboratory workflow management, integrating TCAP Ai to manage tissue validation for the entire lab.

  • Image Sharing, Automated Alerts, & Reporting
  • Process Builder, Automatic AI & A Rules Engine
  • Ai Data Analyses, Tableau Analytics
  • Robot Coring Automation, Regulatory Compliance

ISENET's Tissue Microarray Instruments, Robotic & Engineering developments empower TriMetis' future through the combination of Robotic Automation & AI.


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