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Collaborator Sites

Collaborator Sites can be comprised of dozens of people working on a single project often not working in the same location.


What makes human biospecimen collections unique to that of clinical trials, is that biospecimen collections require accessing donors at multiple different patient care physical locations and the coordination of many additional medical specialties not just the clinic. Such as:


  • Phlebotomy

  • Surgery

  • Pathology

  • Laboratory

  • Sample characterization

  • Pharmacy

  • Clinical care


Our site management staff is knowledgeable in these respective areas and the details required to make collections successful.

A Failed Short Cut

We find that many research programs are working under the false assumption that biospecimens are an easy extension of clinical trials.
Collecting research grade specimens by piggy-backing existing clinical trials often fails as it is so very difficult to retroactively collect from donors, but even more difficult to get the other specialties to participate after a trial is active.
TriMetis Site Management Services can help you prepare and navigate their hurdles to insure the greatest opportunity for success.

When budgets are tight, and hiring non-scientific employees is not possible, or your time is better spent on the research, leverage TriMetis’ expertise at a fraction of the cost of building an internal team to manage the site management.


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