Computer-aided Quality Control

Rapid Quality Control using multi-modal imaging and machine learning

TriMetis has developed innovative application for the high-throughput characterization of tissue quality

Ai Characterizes Tissues

  • % tumor

  • % necrosis

  • tumor nuclei count


Ai provides quantifiable data, so you can choose the best sample for the job.

Ai  identifies Region of Interest (ROI)

  • Viable Tumor

  • Non-Viable Tumor


TriMetis has developed an innovative machine learning application for the identification of the region of interest for the highest abundance of tumor tissue.


We have implemented this process directly into our workflow, by replacing the need for pathologists to manually circle regions of interest for microdissection.


The automation allows for greater throughput of specimens for NextGen Sequencing, saving our clients time and money while providing superior specimens.

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