Jan 31, 2023 3:28:09 PM | TCAP Global Biobanking Market Growth &  The Opportunities Offered

How Biobanking Market Growth Offers Opportunities with the Help of Ai & SaaS Solutions such as TriMetis' ARCH Marketplace featuring TCAP


According to a Facts & Factors forecast report, the biobanking market is projected to grow significantly over the next decade, with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate)
 of 5.87% and a market size of over USD 87.39 billion by 2030. This growth presents a significant opportunity for companies in the biobanking industry to capitalize on this trend and take advantage of the increasing demand. One way to do this is by utilizing solutions that are specifically designed for the biobanking market, such as the ARCH Marketplace, offered by TriMetis Life Sciences.

Our platform provides a one-stop shop for clinical laboratory, pathology, and research professionals to find, compare, and purchase the best Ai-powered solutions for their needs. The platform includes TriMetis Computer-Assisted Pathology (TCAP) Ai, which provides advanced features for managing, storing, and analyzing biobank samples.

By utilizing Ai-powered solutions like ARCH Marketplace Featuring TCAP, companies can streamline their operations, improve the accuracy of their data, and keep pace with the rapidly growing demand in the biobanking market. These tools allow biobanking professionals to focus on their core responsibilities while taking advantage of the latest technological advancements in the field and staying ahead of the competition. Don't miss out on this opportunity and start utilizing these tools today to stay ahead in the biobanking market.

For more information, read the works cited in Facts & Factors article Demand for Global Biobanking Market Size to Surpass USD 87.39 Billion by 2030, Exhibit a CAGR of 5.87% published by Global Newswire in full.

Written By: Kaitlynn Clement