NextGen/IHC Testing Companies

Processing a tissue that is going to fail is expensive ($$$).

If you know what's in the tissue before you test, you can save significant money,  time, and increase revenue.


TriMetis' Quality Control Ai will tell you if a case specimen is going to fail before you proceed


Assay Development

Know the quality before you buy a biospecimen

Why spend the money to internally quality control when you can select the best tissue from the start.

  • Pick the tissues that fits the study criteria

  • Reduce non-sponsored costs

  • Submit quantifiable data

tumor and necrosis ai
Ai percent tumor & percent necrosis
Heatmap viable non-viable ii

Biobanks and Pathology Archives


Knowing which biospecimen is usable is critical, otherwise the long term carrying costs will drain your funds. Invest in usable samples.

  • Actionable quantitative and qualitative data

  • Categorize the biospecimens dynamically

  • Annotate the tissues with the best tumor purity