Automated Quality Control

Automate the analysis of quality before moving to testing

Know the quality before you spend on testing

Testing costs money...


Reagents, technicians, histologists, pathologists, slides,... all cost money. 

The more you spend to test, the smaller the return.

Reimbursements are paid on test results, so having confidence that your test(s) will be successful is vital to your bottom line.


TriMetis has developed a system for prescreening patient specimens using artificial intelligence (Ai) to provide quantitative and qualitative data for the determination of a sample that will succeed or fail prior to the expense of preparation and testing.

The Quality Control system is easy and accurate.


  • Set your minimums

    • Tissue area measurements

    • % tumor and % necrosis

    • Tumor nuclei count

  • Batch Process

    • Image the H&E at 20x

    • Middleware will track and analyze cases

  • Pathology Review

    • Notified when a case fails

    • Access to web-viewer to review case

    • Request case replacement

    • Or download for full suite of tools

  • Reports

    • Auditable


Reduce the time required to review quality of cases before spending on processing the specimen(s).


The TriMetis Quality Control System is scalable to  any volume.
  • Additional GPU processors add more image processing capacity
  • Servers and images can be located locally or in the cloud
  • Load balance 
  • Add more shifts - 24x7x365
  • Distribute processing globally
  • Leverage telepathology


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