The Right questions lead to the right specimen. Our experts work with you to get you the most perfect specimen for your research.

TriMetis is designed to reach donors and increase the opportunity for successful acquisition, no matter how specific your target biospecimen.


ARCH is based on over 20 years of experience in research, biobanking, and biospecimen acquisition.

Through ARCH TriMetis delivers a proven Lean Research System (LRS) that implements quickly and easily.


TriMetis takes Ethics and the Legal basis of Research Biospecimen Procurement very seriously. We have labored to create Protocols and Consents that achieve Internal and External Review Board approval.


FoundationBio provides all collection supplies to ensure the consistency in quality, and reproducibility in the process of acquiring and handling of biospecimens.


Screening patients is vital to targeting eligible donors. We are even more selective in the identification of qualified donors and subsequent biospecimen products.


Advanced Scheduling and Tracking of donors is critical to successful donor recruitment.


TriMetis trains and certifies Consenters to make certain the patients are well informed about the opportunity and risks associated with donating biospecimens.



Tissue collections range from Excess Biopsies, Pre-surgical Biofluids, Surgical Excess, Multiple Time Point biospecimens in Fresh, Fixed, Frozen and other formats.


TriMetis provides all packaging materials and shipping accounts thus removing costs and saving time for time critical bioassets.


FoundationBio acts as an intermediary capable of screening and blinding paper and electronic medical records (EMR) and other forms of data for the protection of the donor’s identity.

The ARCH platform is designed to minimize the impact on both the patients and providers. We have embraced the principles of Lean to ensure that our collaboration partners are able to execute research specimen collections during medical delivery where the patient comes first.


  • We collaborate with hospitals, clinics and specialists, who are interested in expanding their role in research.

  • Institutions with existing research infrastructure and staff find that our programs are easy to deploy and complimentary to their systems and processes.

  • Providers are compensated for their research services for donor enrollment and biospecimen acquisition.

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When your company is ready to conduct; 

Retrospective, Prospective or Longitudinal studies, TriMetis locates, acquires and delivers the most accurate biospecimens to move your research forward.

TriMetis Life Sciences is your partner in

biospecimen procurement

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